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Cash on delivery (C.O.D) is a means of payment used by mail-order firms such as the Post Office to collect payment from the customer. To do this, the external mail-order firm delivers goods with an invoice to its customers and forwards the collected money to you after deducting the C.O.D charge for the cash-on-delivery service. This lets you specify an amount for payment of the goods that your customer pays on receipt of the goods.

CRM E-Commerce also gives you this payment option because, in Internet sales, cash on delivery is a preferred means of payment for security reasons.

Other means of payment include:

●  By invoice

●  By payment card

For comprehensive information about using payment cards, see Payment Card Processing.


●  You have created the mail-order firm as a business partner and have flagged this business partner in thePayer role on the Classif./Times tab page as cash-on-delivery partner.

●  In the transaction type in use, you have assigned the value Payment Card/Cash on Delivery in the fieldPayment Plan Type in the Customizing Header in the group box Payment Data . Otherwise, the tab pagePayment Form is not available to you in the sales order. Make settings in Customizing at Customer Relationship Management ® Transactions ® Basic Settings ® Define Transaction Types.


When you have entered a cash-on-delivery partner as payer in the sales order, the system automatically proposescash on delivery as the payment form.

You get an error message in the sales order when cash on delivery is available as a payment form but no cash-on-delivery partner has been entered. Double-clicking on the error message Method of payment not suitable for this payer takes you automatically to partner processing. If you have not entered a business partner as cash-on-delivery partner, you must create a business partner manually and flag this as the cash-on-delivery partner. Then you must enter this business partner as the payer in the sales contract.

To do this, the following Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) are available:


You use this BAdI in CRM E-Commerce to propose a cash-on-delivery partner automatically for new customers to whom you cannot assign a cash-on-delivery partner beforehand. For BAdI definition COM_PARTNER_BADI, BAdI implementation CRM_COD_PAYER_SET lets you modify your requirements. To find this BAdI, see Customizing at Basic Functions ® Partner Processing ® Business Add-In for Partner.


Us this BAdI to exclude forms of payment and propose permitted forms of payment.

The following options are available:

○  Exclude methods of payment

As in CRM E-Commerce, if you do not want to offer your customers invoice as a form of payment for security reasons, you can exclude it.

○  Propose methods of payment

As in CRM E-Commerce, you can automatically propose cash on delivery to your customers as the form of payment.

In CRM E-Commerce, invoice is the default proposed payment form. Make your settings in Customizing atCustomer Relationship Management ® Transactions ® Settings for Sales Transactions ® Business Add-Ins ® BAdI: Payment Form on Internet.

In an SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) scenario, the sales order is transferred from SAP CRM to SAP ECC.

For more information about cash-on-delivery processing in SAP ECC, see SAP Library for SAP ECC at SAP ERP Central Components ® Logistics ® Sales and Distribution (SD) ® Billing ® Cash on Delivery.


●  When you create the sales order, enter the mail-order firm as payer on the tab page Partner in the sales order.When the conditions outlined in the prerequisites section have been fulfilled, the system automatically proposes the payment form Cash on Delivery and the value Cash on Delivery is entered in the fieldPayment Form on the tab page Payment Form


●  You cannot use different methods of payment in one sales order

●  A carrier is determined only in SAP ECC.

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