[House moving] How to Sort Through Your Things When Downsizing Before a Move

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It's something we'll all have to face at some point - the need to move from a larger home to a smaller place whether it's because of a change in lifestyle, household income or because you no longer need or can care for your home. No matter the reason, it's always a hard move to make not only because it's so much easier to expand the amount of stuff we have than shrink it, but also because the stuff we have we're attached to in some way and detaching is always difficult especially if this move is due to aging or a change in your financial or physical health. 


If you're in this situation, I recommend being good to yourself and following these suggestions to help you through this emotional move.

1. Take your time going through each room: If possible, I always recommend not rushing the sorting process. Make sure you give yourself time to make your way through your things and allow yourself to acknowledge what you have and what you're losing. You need to make sure that you're making decisions that you won't regret later on. Start with the easiest room. Take a full pass through your things and set aside those items that are easy to get rid of and anything that you're not sure of leave for another time. Do this with every room. 

2. Ask for help and talk to your family: If you're having a hard time taking a second look at your stuff and making decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of,ask for help. Sometimes talking it through with someone close to you - someone who understands - helps to clear your emotions so you can see the more practical need ofsorting through your things.

3. What to do with all those mementos and things you'd like to keep but can't:  I can't tell you how many photo boxes I have that I've carried from house to house, across country and to other countries just because I didn't have the heart to leave them behind.  That's because many of my memories are tied to these images.  But now, with digital technology able to capture and store stuff that before would require a lot of space we no longer need to leave it all behind.  Set aside items that can be scanned, stored and kept electronically.  There are companies that will take care of digitizing your keepsakes so don't think you need to do this yourself.  You just need to do a little research.

For stuff that can't be stored electronically but you can't take with you, ask friends and family members to keep them for you.  You'll feel better knowing where the things you treasure are and that they're being cared for.

4. How to decide what stays and goes: After you've done two passes through your things and if you still have too much stuff, then I suggest going through your home room by room and labeling those items that you just can't live without. There are the obvious - your bed, desk, dining room table, favorite reading chair - but there will be those things that aren't just about the practical aspects of day-to-day living - things that have value beyond what they do for us. These things are sometimes just as important. Ask yourself if you can live without it. If you feel you can't, ask yourself why and try to imagine what it would feel and be like not to have it in your life. Once everything you need for moving is tagged, make sure it will all fit and if not, then you'll need to downsize even further. 

5. Hire a professional to help: If after going through the above steps you still have too much stuff and can't think of how to downsize any more, than it might be time to hire a professional, especially if you don't have anyone to help you. A professional could range from a household organizer to a senior move specialist who is an expert in helping older people move.

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Tags: move, moving, house moving, moving house, move out, evict, eviction, house moving service, moving services
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